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    Content Mine
    How to extract information out of scientific publications? Together we will dig a little bit deeper into this hot topic on June 5th, with Open Science pioneer Peter Murray-Rust as special guest.

    Content mining is highly topical, in research as much as in business. So we are very happy to have Peter Murray-Rust, actual Shuttleworth Fellow and Co-Founder of the Open Science Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation, as guest for our sixth Open Science Working Group MeetUp of the Open Knowledge Foundation Austria. He will talk about his recent activites around contentmine, a project which tries to use machines to liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

    Peter Murray-Rust

    In addition, there will be several talks about austrian projects that use or research in the field of content mining. Andreas Langegger tells about how to extract geographic information out of documents, Roman Kern shows recent research on information extraction from PDF’s and Marion Breitschopf presents how this techniques helped to provide information about political processes in Austria.

    Event Details

    When: 5. June 2014, Begins 18:30h
    Where: metalab Vienna, Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien (Google Maps)
    Registration: Please register for the event at MeetUp.

    The talks and discussions will be held in english.


    18:30 Coffee and Drinks
    get drinks
    19:00 Welcome
    19:10 Results Open Science / Content Mining Hackathon
    19:20 Peter Murray-Rust, OKFN & Shuttleworth Fellow:
    Content Mining and scientific publications
    +10min Discussion
    19:50 Andreas Langegger, Zoomsquare:
    “Semantically analysing real estate ads on the Web”
    +10min Discussion
    20:20 Roman Kern, KNOW Center:
    Current research about information extraction of PDF files.
    +10min Discussion
    20:50 Marion Breitschopf, Meineabgeordneten.at:
    Tells about meineabgeordneten.at, a transparency platform about austrian politicians, where most information ist extracted from PDFs or websitecontent.
    +10min Discussion
    21:20 Open End

    Before the meetup is an Open Science / Content Mining Hackathon and on tuesday Peter Murray-Rust is invited for an lecture about Open Science at the FWF.

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